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What To Expect

Koprowski Veterinary Clinic in Lapeer MI – your pet is our priority.

Greetings and welcome to Koprowski Veterinary.

Your visit will begin with a greeting from one of our receptionists. They will review the reason for your visit, address any questions you have at admission, and check your pet in on the appointment schedule. For new clients, they will review any medical records you provide and enter the information into your pets medical record. After check-in, you and your pet will be escorted into one of our 3 exam rooms. There, our technicians and doctors will work as a team to acquire information, examine your pet, address medical needs, review treatment plans and complete routine wellness procedures.

If your pet needs diagnostic tests, a doctor will review the reasons for each test and answer any questions. Many of the tests are completed in hospital, so when results are available they will be discussed with you to develop the best care plan for your pet.

At the completion of your visit, you and your pet will be escorted back to reception for the completion of paper work, verifying you received all planned treatments/medications.

We strive to make your wait as short as possible, but there are times that emergency cases can cause some delay. Please be assured that you and your pet will receive the same individual time and care that you need.

Our team has been thrilled to have you visit. Thank you!